Christmas 2009!

Friday, December 25, 2009


Christmas Morning exploded at our house this year. There was #$%* strung from #@!* to breakfast. All mom wants for Christmas is a maid to clean it all up. Madison is really excited to get her dolls and a horse and all the stuff that goes along with it.

Brayden got a Hot Wheels Trick Tracks set that does 5 different tricks and a set of color changers that come with a wet track. He also got a set of Magnetix but Scott has been playing non stop with them since Brayden opened them up. Yesterday Brayden said he changed his mind and wanted a dirt bike and an X-Box 360 for Christmas. We told him Santa had already loaded his sleigh and it was too late. Maybe next year

Grammy Pammy called to ask about her package and we told her it didn't come. She called Fed Ex and they said it was delivered yesterday at 2 pm. We were at the Nutcracker and we came home in a blizzard. We took a snow shovel outside and dug her package out of a snowbank! It was worth it! Thanks Grammy Pammy and Grandpa Homer

Scott's says Merry Christmas to all. Here he is playing Magnetix while the dog is licking himself in the background. Just another Christmas at the Thomas house.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 5K Elmwood Cemetery Run!

I ran the Elmwood Cemetery 5K run with Brooke and Ashley! (I'm Marilyn in case you don't recognize me!) Ashley is a Wild Cat/Thing and Brooke is a Dork. (Hee hee) This is a classic Horror Movie Cemetery. Built in the 1800's it has Crypts built right into the hills of Kansas City that are old and crumbling and freakin scary. Lots of angel statues and this creepy little chapel. It was AWESOME!

Brooke chest bumping the Samarai and her Ballarina husband!

Me running across the finish line! I took 3rd place in my age group!

Brooke found her Family's Burial Crypt! ScArY!

Ashley's Tombstone!

They really are GAY! (I knew it!!

They forgot to put my age group on the shirt. I guess I get to choose! This will be a yearly tradition if anyone wants to join me next year!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day!

We went to a Double Baby Shower for two residents at Children's Mercy Hospital. I thought these cupcakes were so cute! B had Spiderman painted on his hand.

Scott is trying to bring 3D glasses back

I feel pretty! Maddie's new red shoes and hairpiece. Yes I let her wear it to church. I'm just that cool of a mom.

Maddie had a heart, rainbow, and dragonfly painted! Isn't she a pretty painted lady.

Happy Valentines Day! This was two different flower arrangements but Maddie broke one vase trying to get to the candy kisses so I combined the two. I made the two crafts at Shoal Creek Valley's craft night. Thanks Shelli! Funny thing is although my hubby paid for all shown he didn't order any of it. Good thing he works with thoughtful women :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Presentation Fun

We went to Maddie's school to do dental presentations. The kids loved Mr. Fish :)

Our new sign! Maybe the City will let us put up a real one someday.

Scott and Katie explain what a visit to the dentist is like using Mr. Fish (Nemo).

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Christmas 2008!

The Handsomest 4 yr old on the planet!

Our Christmas Card 2008!
Sneakers meets Grammy Pammy!

We love how he sleeps :)

A boy and his puppy. So cute!