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Saturday, December 1, 2007


I know it's been awhile, I thought my 15 posts last time would keep you busy or make you sick of seeing our pictures. I just realized people could post comments on this site so sorry that I never responded. Yes to all who wanted to add a link to our post from theirs, and thanks!

We went trick-or-treating around Historic Liberty Square (right by the Liberty Jail) and it was like stepping into a Norman Rockwell painting. All the business owners came outside to hand out candy and most of them were dressed up. They had free cookies, hot chocolate and hot apple cider. The fire department let the kids play on the firetrucks and take pictures with their dogs. It was really cute and a new family tradition for us.
Liberty Courthouse

After the Square we went trick-or-treating around our neighborhood with T-Mo and friends.

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Charla said...

Cute pics. That sounds like fun going trick or treating at the square. Hope all is going good for you guys.